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Special Report One:                                       

Thinking Like A Buyer When The Boomers Are Selling

57 Pages

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Special Report Two:

Adding Up $44 Trillion Of Boomer Wealth Expectations

50 Pages

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The Secret Power Within Your Mortgage (Sample Chapter)

Chapter One:  Preparing For Rough Weather

(19 pages, link takes you to dedicated website)

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E-Pamphlet Overviews:

One Page Summary from E-Pamphlet One

Thinking Like A Buyer When The Boomers Are Selling

57 Page Adobe PDF File

Every seller needs a buyer, and 50 million Boomers cashing out a planned $44 trillion in paper wealth will need a lot of very motivated buyers.  In the pages that follow we will seek to understand the perspectives of those buyers – the generations following the Boomers – during the decades when more Boomers are selling more investments than any generation before them.  Even as the Boomers reduce consumer spending, and make staggering financial demands for the payment of Social Security and Medicare benefits.  Could it be that what matters is not so much these individual experiments (for all are unprecedented), but how they will all combine and interact?

This holistic perspective is not the usual way that we look at long-term investments.  Indeed, we invest so that we won’t have to personally reduce our spending when Social Security and Medicare experience their widely expected problems in the decades to come.  However, when we take the people-based perspective of evaluating investments based not upon mathematical equations from history, but upon the situation and motivations of the buyers when they are buying, then everything changes. 

For these future buyers will be living in a single world, where they will be simultaneously paying for all of the promises that Baby Boom generation has made to itself.  Or so the Boomers plan. 

Did you ever stop to wonder just how tens of millions of bright, creative individuals at the peaks of their careers will react to these unprecedented demands?  What their self-interests will be?  What actions the younger generations will take to keep more of the real goods and services they are creating, instead of obediently and passively passing them over to retirees?  How smart investors will price markets dominated by many millions of retirees trying to cash out tens of trillions of dollars of investments, with no end to the selling in sight for decades?

The over 50 pages that follow will present a fresh and out-of-the-box exploration of the investment implications of the retirement of the Baby Boom, using the people-based fundamentals of finance and economics.  We are going to take a walk in the shoes of the buyers, when they are buying – and maybe along the way, start to change the way you think about long term investing. 

Your guide for this walk into the future is a Chartered Financial Analyst, MBA and former investment banker, with over 20 years of financial experience.  He is a futurist, consultant, speaker, and author, with previous investment book publications by major publishers.  (download the pamphlet here)

One Page Summary from E-Pamphlet Two

Adding Up $44 Trillion Of Boomer Wealth Expectations

50 Page Adobe PDF File

A little over 50 million Boomers have retirement accounts and/or pensions.  Total investments in accounts dedicated for Boomer retirements was $6.1 trillion, including IRAs, Keoghs and pensions.

Those assets will not be cashed out today, but are invested for the long term with the expectations of substantial returns.  Using the methodology described herein, total expectations for retirement investment wealth for all 50 million Boomer retirement investors were calculated to be $44 trillion.

The present value cost of those wealth expectations (at 3% inflation) is over $22 trillion, almost twice (180%) the size of the current annual national economy.

Even if those wealth expectations are met in full, the sum of all Boomer pension and retirement account income (in current dollars) will replace only 45% of the total income for all 77 million Boomers, meaning a shortfall of 55% for the entire generation, that will have to be made up from other sources.

The amount of paper wealth expected to be cashed out for real goods and services by Boomers will build year by year, as more Boomers retire each year, until it reaches a peak of $2.3 trillion per year by 2027.

The inflation adjusted annual cost of cashing out those wealth expectations will peak at $1.3 trillion per year in 2027 – about 2.5 times as large as the current annual cost of Social Security.

(download here)